Thursday, October 10, 2013

Waiting for the weekend

I can't wait for the weekend! It's the long thanksgiving weekend so we get Monday off and Friday is a P.A. Day! I can't wait because on Friday I'm going to Stratford. I'm seeing Romeo and Juliet. It's actually quite convenient because my little sister is reading it in school. Then on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I'll be flying! I hope the weather will be nice so I can get in a lot of flight time. I still need four hours to be able to fly with passengers. I've got a lot of work until then though. For one, I have a lot of material to get though in the online physics course I'm taking, and I also have to make a lesson plan for the class I'm teaching at air cadets next week. I also have to update the ground school blog I made, which you can find here: Ground School Explained and my other blog, Fabulous Fall Fashions if I manage to have the time. I hope your thanksgiving weekend is great! Until next time. :)

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