Friday, March 18, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

I'm an eighth Irish so I have to celebrate this wonderful day. I just got back from the pub night on campus in celebration of St. Patrick's day. Somehow, one of my friends got drunk after only two drinks and the other drank too many Screwdrivers, so I ended up taking care of two drunk people in one night. It wasn't too bad though because the first one was absolutely hilarious when she was talking about how she could feel the Earth moving and see sparkles everywhere. It's a good thing I wasn't drunk as well because if that was the case, we wouldn't have gotten back to residence in one piece.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I've always wanted to travel. Spending the summer backpacking in Europe has been one of my dreams for as long as I can remember. It's even worse right now because it's March Break and my siblings are all having fun and going away for the week. I'd love to be travelling too, but there are at least two things in my way. First, it's not March Break for me. My spring break was back in February and was pretty lame if I do say so myself. Second, I'm a pretty broke university student so I don't even have enough money to pay for tuition let alone travelling during the summer. The summer is where I have to make enough money to pay for the rest of the year. Life sucks, doesn't it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

That Feeling when you Finish a Project

No, I'm not talking about school, but the feeling that you get once you finish something that you've been working on for a while truly has no equal. I just finished crocheting a blue blanket and I feel great! I even have a picture of it on the right. (Please excuse the picture quality and the abhorrent state of my room, I tried to crop out as much of the mess as I could.) It's the first time that I've actually changed colours when I was supposed to and is probably the fastest I've ever finished a blanket. Truth be told, I didn't get any other work done while I was working on it but hey, at least I have something to show for my time right?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Procrastination is my Sin

Ever heard of that poem? My dad told it to me when I was younger. It goes like this:
Procrastination is my sin
It causes me much sorrow
I really ought to try and stop
In fact, I'll start tomorrow!
I think it is a very accurate depiction of my life right now. I have two term papers that are worth a heck of a lot of my grade, but they aren't due until the first day of exams. The problem with this is that I have exams then and I can't afford to be finishing papers when I need to be studying for exams. I know it's really bad to procrastinate and that I should just snap out of it, but Netflix is infinitely more fun than writing a paper about something I don't really care about. I'm sure you've been in the same situation before.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bedtime Thoughts

You know when your mind wanders all over the place right before you fall asleep? Last night mine came up with this sentence; I wonder whether the weather on Wednesday will be windy or wet. Quite a tongue twister, right? It's crazy what our subconscious pops out sometimes when we least expect it.