Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The cygnets that were goslings

When I was on a walk today there were a whole bunch of swans down by the lake. They were really pretty and they didn't swim away when I came close. There were also these two little chicks that were yellow and greyish and they were so cute! I assumed they were cygnets (baby swans) because of all the swans that were in that area. So I took some pictures and then when I was leaving they followed me! Now this wasn't good because they were leaving their parents so I tried to get them to go back without touching them. At this point, they were on the sidewalk and a couple walked past. And guess what? The chicks started following them too! The couple wasn't even aware of it but the little chicks were literally running just trying to keep up! Eventually, they ran out of steam and started wandering around again, so I went over to them and tried to get them to follow me back to their parents. Slowly but surely, this was working until someone else showed up and determined that the chicks weren't cygnets after all! Turns out they were baby Canada geese! Unfortunately, there weren't any adult Canadian geese around so the goslings had been abandoned or had gotten lost. So the person that knew the difference between cygnets and goslings got a box to put them in and took them to the humane society. It really was the most adorable and funny adventure ever.