Monday, October 7, 2013

School should be more effective

I find that the whole idea of school takes up much more time than it should. For one thing, you have to get there, which takes time, and then there's time between all your classes, that's really being wasted. Then when you're in class, time is wasted when the teacher does the attendance, the teacher teaches at the rate of the person who doesn't understand, and then they give you homework to do when you get back home. And remember, they give you homework to do after you've spent 7 hours at school all day. Is there really not enough time to teach the kids everything they need to know? Personally, I was home schooled for 2 years when I was younger and felt like I was learning hardly anything, then when I went back to school, I was ahead of everyone. Maybe each student should take a learning and IQ test at the beginning of each year, then put into classes based on those results. That would be beneficial for all parts of the spectrum because the kids that pick things up faster could learn at a faster pace while the students that need a little more explanation will get it. And also, what's the point in teaching all the old ideologies in the sciences? Why teach that electrons are little balls of matter circling around the nucleus and have certain positions when they don't have certain positions and are actually waves of energy? Just teach us what we need to know to understand the world. Now, I'm not saying that school should be stopped because it wastes so much time, because it is crucial for getting a good job in this world. Still though, after a couple hundred years of practice, you think we would be more efficient at it now and each person wouldn't have to go though 13 years of school plus whatever university/college program they are following. Just some food for thought. :P

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