Monday, September 16, 2013

Directioner? Not quite yet...

So today my friend (who is a superfan of One Direction) managed to pull me in to see the extended fan version of their new movie. I enjoyed it, although I don't think she has turned me into a Directioner just yet. I'm more of "yeah, they're cool". A funny thing that happened is that during the timeplay that happens before the movie, I won the top prize! The best part is that I was the only player lol. There were only 4 other people in the theatre other than us, and they were kids with their parents. The best part of the movie I think was when Harry was singing his solo part in What makes you beautiful and Zayn and Niall pulled his pants down. He was so shocked he couldn't finish the part! Another humorous part was when Liam was teaching the other guys how to make tea on their hand. It made a big mess. The final part I still have to share was when they were driving around the construction equipment and no one could catch them! If you're seen the movie or would like to share something, please leave a comment below or you can email me. I'm looking forward to hearing form you!

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